Top 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies of 2022

Top 5 Best Hosting Companies

so what are the top five best minecraft server hosting companies in 2022 well in this video we’re gonna go over the five best companies out there from best overall to the best budget option to the best option if you want to play other games in addition to minecraft all kind of on the same server it’s really really cool we have so many awesome hosts out there this year and all their links can be found in the description down below as well as the pinned comment under this video now those are affiliate links which means if you go purchase from those hosts we do a small commission at no additional cost to you that allows us to make these in-depth huge videos and truthfully we have affiliate partnerships with over 15 minecraft hosting companies at this point meaning that it’s almost impossible for us to make a list without some sort of an affiliate relationship.

so because of that we want to be upfront about it and tell you that there are affiliate partnerships with everyone mentioned on this list and it has no impact on the rankings so much so we try our best to be anonymous when testing things like support and every single server here is bought meaning we went through the purchase process to purchase these servers they are not given to us for free or anything like that so with that out of the way.

let’s go ahead and talk about the best overall minecraft server hosting company and that is apex minecraft hosting apex is number one on our list and that has continued for years at this point every year we give them a fair shake and every year they keep impressing us going above and beyond doing things like upgrading hardware upgrading support all of that stuff it’s absolutely incredible and first off let’s talk about pricing at apex you get a discount on your first month making a 2 gigabyte server 749 per month for the first month and then 9.99 per month after that on a four gigabyte server it’s at 14.99 for your first month and then 19.99 per month after that now pricing is subject to changes i do know a lot of hosting companies might increase this year due to inflation but it is something we’re gonna mention it right now.

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this is the pricing at apex and all the pricing that you’re seeing in this video is what they are at the time i’m recording this video as far as server locations as apex you have 19 locations all around the world with seven in north america five in europe three in asia two in the middle east one in australia and one in south america apex is the only company on this list to have any middle eastern like support for server hosting which is absolutely incredible i love to see that they also basically have the entire world covered with their hosting at this point with 19 locations great stuff there however the reason apex is number one on the list is twofold one the hard way you get for that 9.99 per month price for a two gigabyte server and two their support as far as hardware goes they .

have an x series which gives you 15 gigabytes of ram and a ryzen 5800x cpu guaranteed and while that is the best guaranteed hardware that i’ve seen for server out there right now even their main servers are usually hosted on ryzen cpus and what’s great is you can see what kind of a service and what kind of hardware your server has because they have public hardware information literally just ask their support hey can you link me the hardware information page and they will show you what hardware their servers have right there it’s all listed what locations have what hardware.

and what their primary hardware is at each location and most of the time it is going to be an intel gaming cpu which means it’s an i7 or i9 intel cpu or it’s going to be a ryzen cpu which is great to see ryzen is great for running minecraft servers and apex delivers that via their hardware moving from there let’s talk about support apex has 24 7 chat support that is ready and willing to help you they also have sys admins available 24 7 as well on top of that their support super super fast as soon as you you know reach out to support they’re gonna give you a knowledge base try to help you that way and if it don’t you say hey i want to talk to a human and guess what within 30 seconds.

you will be connected to a human whether you’ve purchased a server in the past whether you haven’t you’re actually seeing us contact apex support and we’re going to be doing this on every single host here in this video we’re going to be contacting support while we’re talking about them and it’s 100 anonymous on all these hosts they have no clue who we are and you’re seeing the responses i mean very very quick with under 30 second response time about do they host rl craft servers which is great stuff we’d love to see that moving on from support though let’s talk about mod packs apex supports over 200 mod packs for one click installation that means you don’t have to worry about setting them up adding mods anything like that apex has it all taken care of and has one click installation of over 200 mod packs making them.

one of the higher ones but not the highest on this list in addition to these mod packs though apex does have something that makes them more unique which is built-in ready-to-go game modes from a vanilla plus survival meaning vanilla with plug-ins to skyblock to hunger games to factions all of these have one-click setups at apex if you want to start these servers and don’t want to have to go through configuring all the plugins getting the spawns all that stuff apex has all that covered if you just want to play skyblock with your friends you don’t have.

much any other reason to like go through configure everything you want apex to do it for you and they have that for like i said faction skyblock vanilla plus hunger games so many different game modes i mean there’s tons of them pvp they have all of these ready to go and set up with one click in addition to those over 200 mod packs next up is actually managing your server itself and apex is a custom multicraft back-end panel that when you log in will take you right to your servers however one of the things that makes apex top notch is their support and not only the support live chat but the support on the left hand side of the cpanel no matter what page you’re on there is a video ready to be clicked about that page for example on the main server page you can click on an array of different videos from everything on how to up yourself.

on the server to basically how to manage the server in an overview of the backend panel it is all there on the left hand side going to console there’s videos for you going to ftp there’s videos for you go into any part of the backend on apex and there’s a dedicated video for that page and things you might want to be able to do on that page it’s super super helpful and is one of the best things that apex has and one of the more unique things that they have on this list those ready-in-time tutorials that are right there if you have issues to help you learn and manage your server.

better is truly revolutionary in the minecraft server industry on top of that the panel is super easy to navigate and if you’re used to other multi-craft panels it’ll be very easy to learn and guess what it’s very easy to learn even if you’re not that’s one of the great things about apex is the ease of use of their custom multi-graph panel you just click on what you want on the left-hand side and it will take you right to where you want to go want to manage the console there it is want to see players there it is when i access ftp there it is it’s all available schedule task anything you want is right there and ready to go however i do feel like i need to mention knowledge bases this is something i’ve not mentioned in the past.

and what a knowledge base is is basically a support area where you can get articles videos things like that to help you manage your server and apex is a very extensive one with tons of video content i personally love video content obviously we make tons of videos here about how to do things in minecraft and we have seen between our text articles and our videos most people get help through the video content and that’s why i love the fact that apex has so much video content in their knowledge base honestly i would say it’s about 70 to 80 of the articles have video which is great for helping people who prefer videos like we said is something that a lot of people from our experience prefer video over text however i’m guessing most people never will even make it to the knowledge base on apex.

because of that just in time ready tutorials on the left-hand side and last but not least some other features that every apex server gets is going to be freesql a free sub domain for every server and automated backups all of these are now basically very transparent on a lot of the hosts out there but apex does have them and it’s nice to see so there you have it that’s the best overall server host mostly because of three things the bang for your buck with the price to the hardware amazing hardware for a very very reasonable price two the support support is absolutely incredible in apex with very quick live chat support times and very very helpful answers once you do get them.

and last but not least that back game multicraft panel that makes it super easy to use and if you’re new to minecraft servers for hosting which a lot of people are then you are going to have those tutorials right there on the left hand side to help you out however what if you’re on more of a budget well if that’s the case then that’s where gg servers comes in now keep in mind that by definition a budget server is going to be more susceptible to lag than a premium higher end server like you’re gonna get with someone like apex where they have super high-end hardware and are constantly upgrading and switching out hardware to get better and better performance on a budget server like you’ll find at gg servers you’re not gonna have that as much right you’re not gonna have as much of that lag

free experience that apex guarantees however that’s not to say you’re gonna lag constantly it’s just to say that a two gigabyte server at apex may be able to have five players but a two gigabyte server on lower end hardware may not it may only be able to support two for example so it’s all gonna be different there but if you are looking for a budget option that’s where gg server comes in with their pricing of their standard budget option at six dollars per month or two gigabytes or twelve dollars per month for four gigabytes there is also a premium version at gg servers but we’re gonna be reviewing that in this specific video because this is about the budget option if you want a premium service go with apex because they’re cheaper than gg servers previum service and
guess what you’re getting better hardware so you want to focus on the budget standard option at gg servers if you’re looking to purchase from them one thing i do want to mention though is if you do purchase a standard or budget server from gg servers there are tons of upsells including things like unlimited player slots and stuff like that don’t focus on that right now i would recommend against the upsells and just get your server get it set up and then see what you need after your server is set up because you don’t really know in the purchase process exactly what you’re going to need to make the server run efficiently nonetheless from there let’s move on to the server locations since we’re focusing on the standard locations you have two you have north america and europe should you decide to go with the premium option again you should go with apex but it should you decide so you have nine locations with three in north america five in europe one in singapore and one in australia however do keep in mind that we are focusing on that budget option which means north america and europe from hardware
you’re going to be on the standard version getting intel xenon e5 cpus as well as 21 33 megahertz ddr4 ram this is lower end hardware but that’s to be expected from the budget option like i said expect some lag especially if you’re trying to pack a bunch of players in or run a bunch of mods does it mean modpacks can’t be run on this though they can be without any issues from there let’s look at support support was amazing super fast response time and the support claims they have 24-hour support i say claims because i’m not tested at 4am but that doesn’t mean there’s any reason they would lie so i would assume they do have 24 7 support they were very helpful and knowledgeable when we did reach out however i missed this in my notes the reason i said they claim they have 24 7 support is when we tried
to reach out at midnight est one time they uh well they just kind of weren’t there right there there was no response and it was noon the next day when we got a response via email that wasn’t an anonymous request that was something i was just reaching out to test without being anonymous and uh yeah so nonetheless that is what it is but on an anonymous request that we sent in in the middle of the day kind of like you know 2 pm i think something like that immediate response
time very very quick very very knowledgeable and overall amazing with their support so great there from what we tested next up my packs they’re on the lower end side but all these can be ran on the budget server and that is 93 mod packs are currently supported by gg servers now but they can be ran on the budget hardware you may need more a ram to run some mod packs that’s kind of standard though so keep that in mind but don’t think you can go to gg servers buy a six dollar two gigabyte server and run something like rl craft it’s just not gonna happen rl craft wouldn’t even be able to start on two gigabytes right so most likely you’re gonna need six or eight gigabytes on the budget

server to be able to run something like our aircraft a pretty demanding sort of mod pack as far as server management goes you have a basic multi-craft panel that is pretty well designed there’s a lot of cool features that may make things look a little complicated but when you look closer they actually add in stuff that you would normally do via ftp that can now be done via a

nice gui so that is actually very helpful if you’re kind of intimidated by editing a properties file or a config file via ftp you can do it via nice gui in the multi-craft panel there’s also a lot of cool tools that can make things a lot simpler when it comes managing your server and i like to see that things like message of the day and server icon things like that can be set via these gui’s which is great to see moving on to knowledge base the new addition this year the knowledge base is linked on the left-hand side of the panel but the guides don’t change depending on what page you’re on there are no guide
s there just a link to the knowledge base that’s perfectly fine but you know these just-in-time guides that someone like apex has is a great way to prevent support issues and a great way to help you out when you’re managing your server without having to ask a ton of questions to live chat support so that is something i would like to see but once you’re on the knowledge base it has a lot of information but most things are just text there are some videos but uh not a lot i would say about twenty percent have videos whereas eighty percent are text which like i said a lot of people do prefer learning via video additionally you need to know what you’re looking for in order to find it so you’re gonna actually have to go in and search for whatever you’re looking for and sometimes that could be difficult like if you don’t know opting yourself on a server it’s giving yourself basically all permissions how would you know to search for that because if you just search for like permissions or something you have to know what you’re looking
for in order to find it on this knowledge base which you do the articles will helpful and they will guide you to what you need and that is kind of the overview of gg servers again just look out for those upsells during the checkout process and be aware that you may get lag on these servers because they are budget but we wanted to present a good budget option as i feel like that’s dwindling in the market and currently gg service has kind of the best one at six dollars for a two gigabyte server and twelve dollars for a four gigabyte server it’s a great option however again expect some lag and i would recommend spending a few bucks more to go with someone like apex where you’re gonna have amazing the best hardware out there on your servers however what if you uh don’t just play minecraft what if you would like to host let’s say an arc server or a different server and easily switch between minecraft and your arc
server without losing any data whatsoever well that’s where nodecraft comes in and at nodecraft a 2 gigabyte server will cost you 9.98 per month and a 4 gigabyte server will cost you 19.98 cents per month they also do have a 7 day free trial which is pretty cool if you want to try before you buy as far as server locations go nodecraft has 19 around the world with seven in north america five in europe two in asia four in australia slash new zealand which is amazing crazy and on
e in south america as far as the hardware on those server locations you are looking at intel xenon e21 74g cpus with dd4 ecc ram this is a few year old hardware at this point 2018 production year for it and so because of that i’d like to see it updated however we’ll talk more about why the hardware may be a bit outdated a little later in this video when we talk about server management first off though let’s move on to support support at no crowd is available from 11 30 a.m to 8 p.m central standard time 7 days a week so that means it’s not 24 hours but in what i would call peak hours you are always going to have someone there via live chat support to reach out if you don’t have someone in uh live chat support like live chat sports offline you can submit a ticket and they’ve said they will respond to those the next morning which is you know nice but i would love to see 24 hour support available however we did
reach out to support when they were online it was a near instant response time in under 30 seconds absolutely incredible and while it’s not 24 hours i would love to see a quick response time even if we can’t get one at all hours of the day as far as answering the question they were very quick very knowledgeable and helped us out as well as you know kind of directing us in the right location and direction as to what we should look for as far as mod packs go because rl crafts what we asked about well there are a 148 modpacks supported on nodecraft these can be installed with what one clink installation sort of setup and what’s great is you can have multiple mod packs you can have the servers running at the same time but you can buy one bot on nodecraft and use that to run an railcraft server and a sky factory

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