hello everyone my name is jennifer terry i make philippine travel updates how are you all um i hope you’re all doing well in your good situation especially if there’s any filipino here who are in hong kong especially those filipinos working in hong kong i hope nassema is safe if there’s anything that we can do to help comment down below today’s update let’s start with balikbayan especially former filipinos no filipinos who have been naturalized as foreign citizens abroad when filipina shared her story former filipino according to her i i successfully landed in the philippines insurance insurance according to her um i would refrain you guys to listen to that because in the iatf resolution 160 bit clearly states there that for all foreign nationals including black bayonnes former filipinos need bonang insurance newposa foreign we have kabbabayans former filipinos who did not have insurance pero napan they were their airlines looked for that requirement and the airline would not issue their boarding pass without it no some had to purchase insurance at the airport you know avoid hustle and fall so that we can enter the philippines smoothly just like the 24 000 inbound tourist arrivals who entered the philippines from february 10 to 20. this was reported by iatf no more than a half now half more than half of that are foreign tourists while 45 percent are balikbayans majority majority are from the us yes they were able to enter because they followed what was required no follow the language for them travel insurance guys just a reminder that it should have a kobe 19 coverage of at least 35 000 us dollars at least so if you have 50 000 1 million coverage now that’s all good unilength po and if you guys have any recommendations for insurance please comment down below especially if you have good experiences with them i may make a compilation of good insurances that we can recommend to fellow kababayans and foreign tourists for how long ietf resolution says it should cover your whole duration in the philippines um you can secure guys to hide 30 days the travel insurance although anyways airline because you are accepted from that 30 days return ticket line with this let’s do a quick recap of all the travel requirements that you need so i made this table now like awkward filipino citizens and dual filipino citizens balikbayans foreign tourists and then 9a visa holders and other types of visas for the negative test result rtpcr taken 48 hours before departure it’s required for all regardless of nationality or visa everyone must have it accepted are children who are three years old and younger well for the proof of vaccination only filipinos are accepted from that so unvaccinated number filipino citizens can come home but they will quarantine upon arrival but foreign nationals who are 12 years old and older they need to be fully faxed how about cebu jennifer we don’t have news yet they will start their un accepting and vaccinated tourists march one let’s see if that actually materializes let’s move forward with a passport the passport should be at least six months valid at the time of entry in the philippines filipinos are accepted from that rule but foreign nationals need to have a passport that should be more than six months upon arrival in the country you cannot have a password that it’s near expiration if you’re a foreign national then a visa nobody needs visa except visa required nationals the insurance foreign nationals entering visa free needed exit ticket of not more than 30 days since arrival this one guys you can get a rent a ticket at onwardticket.com if i’m correct i’ll i’ll put it here yeah this one is very cheap another option a throwaway ticket singap manila to singapore with cebu pacific or jetstar next is a one-half past qraco this is for everyone regardless of age i hope that is clear now just a reminder that for balikbayan if you’re traveling with your foreign in-laws fiance’s boyfriends or girlfriends they are not covered by the balikbayan privilege thus they need also the return ticket or exit exit ticket in this la cover number like buying privilege we made this detailed video guide for public buy-ins if you want to check this out i explained everything about bulk buyer privilege here let’s talk about bureau of immigration advisory press release it’s nothing new it’s just a confirmation of the iatf resolution that immediate families of filipinos from visa required countries so parents children spouse of filipinos from visa required countries may apply for 9a visa without the need for an entry exemption an eed so let’s say an indian or pakistani is married to a filipino who is here in the philippines they can apply for a visa no need for eed unfortunately visa required nationals tourists who are not married to filipinos who don’t have filipino children in the philippines just tourists or even those with girlfriends or fiances in the philippines they are considered tourists and they are visa required nationals it’s still very sad that you still need the eed which really makes it almost impossible for you to enter because eed is hard to secure now moving forward let’s talk about airlines advisory guys this is a warning this is a warning from philippine airlines in cebu pacific against fake websites and social media pages offering promotional fares or announcing anniversary gifts guys please be mindful about these websites if if it’s not an official website please don’t register put your personal info especially your bank details these bogus websites and pages aim to lure and mislead you and they will request you to give personal info such as bank account details if you receive an email asking for your login details make sure double double triple double check

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