hello gurus welcome to another episode ihope you’re having a beautiful day we’regoing to jump into the charts forbitcoin we’re going to see what’s goingto happen i’m going to show you mytrades that have opened on bitcoin bnbi’m going to show you how much bitcoinwhat olds i’m buying hit the subscribebutton join 70 000 people smash up thethumbs up button i’m going to also showyou some amazing stuff that’s beenhappening with mcrt magikra if you don’tknow i’m the founder of a play-to-owngame called magic craft mcrt and it’sjust been exploding the last few days wehave so many people joining on twitteron telegram on queen market cap .

i’mgoing to show you that and also anairdrop that’s coming um mcrt is goingto drop a lot of tokens so pay attentionto it let’s jump into the technicals forbitcoin now so we’re going straight into vehiclesand the market yesterday pumping prettymuch also on stocks um some of them were down like uberboeing um but most salon up five percent lunafour percent look at luna all-time highson luna are almost all-time highs it’s about totouch an all-time high which would be104 which is insane coinbase up twopercent the market really pushing strongbut we’re going to look at bitcoin firstthen b um see what else we can look atbitcoin 43 800 now on the four hourly we are veryoverbought and we’re at a majorresistance everyone and this is what i’mtalking ab again about how amazingtechnical analysis look on the so theseare the four hourly candles that you’reseeing on bitcoin if you’re .


looking atthis and it seems super over complicatedyou need to learn with my 6 000 studentsanyone can do this and i’m doing thisfrom my phone everything you see is frommy phone my iphone so this is bitcoinsitting right on this blue trend linenow what is this blue trend line it’s atwo year old lane it’s a two-year-old trend line andthat’s what’s amazing a two-year-oldtrend line is holding so strong andcreating a major resistance so it’s umquite remarkable that bitcoin is stillholding on this two-year trend line sowe’re sitting right on this trend.

lineright now and what we’re forming here onthe daily candles is a huge w formationwhich is a very bullish pattern if wecan break this neckline bitcoin can goon a really big run which is quite amazing the target forthe run would take us from here quite a big movement we could if webreak this if we managed to get backabove this blue trend line we’re goingto go to 54 688 and you can see again this two yeartrend line when we got the trend line wegot it because back here we touched two points on the trend linelet me get rid of this bitcoin sellsignals you can you out that’s one of the indicators i’m usingwe had a touch on the trend line backhere in september 2020 then we had asecond touch on july 2021 and then thosetwo touches created this blue trend linethat gave us this entire line thatbitcoin’s been on and as you can seethat’s two years old and look at howit’s sitting right on that line andthat’s what’s so amazing now on the daily we are now overboughtand it’s trying to turn down thestochastic and we’re right on that majorresistance and we got rejected off thattrend line now this could be a very badthing if we actually get rejectedstrongly here this could be a failedbreakout and a double top formation andit looks like it is forming a double topwe’ve got one two if that becomes a resistance then we form an mbut at the moment we are on a w patternhowever again the stochastic is turningoverboard heading down we are now above the ema ribbons theemail ribbons are trying to turn butwhat we’re noticing what i think we’regoing to break through is we have majorvolume coming in all-time high buyingand selling of bitcoin volume predictsprice the vpvr we’ve got a lot ofsupport here at the 38 000 we have somebig supports at 42 000 43 000 so a lotof supports at these areas the cryptoguru bot is still saying a sell ithasn’t switched to a buyer yet stillsaying a red cell so that’s something tokeep in mind um the bitcoin indicator isit fired a buy down here at 33 000 andstill showing a buy it hasn’t fired acell yet so that’s also interesting squeeze mobgoing towards the green side money flowis starting to flow into bitcoin so i’mstill bullish here but again we are at amajor major resistance and this is adanger point if we get rejected stronglyhere that could be a double topformation and then bitcoin could reallydrop down but again this is a point ofvery important you could actually closeyour lungs here till it makes itsdecision and then if it makes thisdecision goes up bounces on the trendline and bounces with volume then youknow to go long again or you could umshort here there’s there’s many youcould be very defensive on this majortrend line on the four hourly we’reoverbought it’s trying to turn down butagain a lot of volume all-time highvolumes coming in so i do think we’regoing to actually break through on thefour hours we were above the ema ribbonsas well the vp vr we have that majorsupport here on the four hourly at 38000 a very strong area of supportum the bitcoin signal is still showing abuy which it fired here so in my opinionwe’re still bullish but again this is amajor point of resistance and we couldeasily be pushed back down here soyou’ve got to be warned of thisit is a dangerous area if we do getpushed back 41 000 will be the point andif we do create that that might thatwill create a double top so that couldbe dangerous um here is a area to be cautious but againi am still seeing this big w formation forming and that’sa bullish pattern that if we can manageto break this blue trend line this isthe neck the next few hours are soimportant 54 000 will be the target onthe hourly we’re oversold and it’s timeto head up and it’s building a lot ofpressure here with a lot of volume andit’s kind of creating a bull flag herethis is a bull flag so that’s a bullish pattern it’s a bullflag that’s forming here and themovement that we should get is thedistance of the flag so this is a bullflag we shouldn’t get the movement ofthe distance of the pole so if that bullflag plays out that will also be anindicator that’s taking us here taking us to 49 000 so that’s one target so bitcoinright now is forming a bull flag that’sa bullish pattern so keep that in mind on the hourly we’reoversold it’s looking good on the hourlyso i’m not going to close my trades herei’m going to show you what i have openedmy trades so if you go underneath thisvideo um if you want to trade likeyou’re about to see me do under thevideo you can uh follow join hit this thumbsup button let’s get thousands of likeshit the subscribe button join more thanalmost 70 000 subscribers i’m gonna hit70 000 subscribers today which isamazing if you click that subscribebutton get your friends your family tosubscribe and my goal level on the goalof the channel is to get to 100 000subscribers by much so everyone do yourbest click the join button to see mytrades as i make them live in stocks incryptos in bitcoin if you click thatjoin button join the youtube membershipthen you get notified of my live tradesand if you want to trade like you’regoing to see me do there’s a link downbelow in the description and pinkcomment go below click this link bitcointrading by bit link you get a sign upbonus of 4 100 us dollars when you starttrading then you get the tradingsoftware that i’m using which is thissoftware when you click that link yousign up and yesterday’s trades are doingamazing my bitcoin trade up 11 218 itwas up like 500 but i pulled back alittle bit my take profit is set at 40or there is no take profit i need to setbut we’re at this major resistance so icould close this long right now in theprofits until bitcoin makes its decisionbut i think we’re going to break throughmy bnb trade is up very nicely 8181 on my b b trade up 842 if youfollowed that trade two days ago and myaccount is now sitting in this accountit has 110 478 us dollars 110 500 which isbeautiful that that’s up around 14 000from three days ago and in this accounti’ve got 1.7 bitcoin now i’m 75 000 i’ve got 14 000 of bit i’vegot 10 000 of cake which pulled back abit and i’ve got 4 000 us dollars stillsitting there so bitcoin is fighting on this majorresistance what do you think in thedescription ping comment let me know doyou think bitcoin is going to break thisbreak through this resistance and shootup to what’s that 54k let me know in thecomment section below do you think it’sgoing to go up to 55k or do you thinkit’s going to get rejected here make adouble top and drop like crazy i want toknow let me know in the comment sectiondown below now i’m going to show yousome amazing stuff happening with mcrtso on twitter so this is my twitter youcan follow me on twitter as well i haveon twitter now 18 600 followers and igot verified so this blue track checkmark there any other account thatdoesn’t have this blue check mark is afake account there’s many fake accountsof me every day so make sure oh the onlyreal account is this james crypto groupwith this blue check mark keep that inmind i’m the founder of magic craft umthis is me calling so magic craft game in numbers look what’sbeen happening we now have 48 000subscribers on twitter it’s just beenblowing up the last few days coin marketcap now there’s 1 million 24 000 peoplewatching mcrt now on coin market capthere’s also 37 000 people now in thetelegram it’s just exploding the socialnetworks and that’s mainly becausethings like this earlier today whereas earlier today coin market capwhich has 5 million followers on twitterthey retweeted my tweet mcr followersare growing exponentially and what’samazing look at this yesterday when itweeted this 21 hours ago we had 522000 people on the watch list now we havemore than a million people on the watchlist which is insane this is mcrt themarket cap is just under three milliondollars um the fully diluted is 96million and i’m the founder of thisproject but our goal is to build someamazing stuff and this is some stuffthat’s coming from mcrt i’ll show youwhat’s been the team is doing um peoplewaiting for the mcrt marketplaceis funny this is one of our team it’sher birthday yesterday anastasia sheturned 22 years old she’s managing thetwitter account and she’s amazing it washer birthday and she’s just beautifulmessage from anastasia a lot of you talkto anastasia a lot in the discord andthe telegrams and ukraine adopts acceptsdot founder gavin wood donates 5.8million 300 million in crypto liquidations accompanies bitcoin surgedto 44k so when bitcoin shot up becauseof russia and ukraine and many peoplemoving their money a lot of people gotliquidated this is one of the nfts ofthe mage um take profit here on bitcoinlove you brother love you too cookiethank you so much james getting veryclose to becoming a millionaire awesomedylan coin market cap five millionfollowers and it’s retweeting our postum which is beautiful more than five minutes let the watchlist button become your best friendnow one million people are watching mcitthis is a funny in kiev a guy just kepthis normal routine and went for a bikeride surrounded by tanks and then thiscomment cyclists think they own the roadeven in a effing war uh magikrav genesis nft collection iscoming there’s going to be 9 900 um nftsof the warrior of the archer of the mageand this is a video of one of thecreation of the characters the studio is doing amazing these aresome some designs from the studios and this is the nft this is a sneak peekof the nft marketplace that’s coming formagic craft that the team is buildingthey’re doing so amazing the team likethe team that we have there’s hundredsof people working on magic craft andit’s just an insane insane amazing teamso that’s all the things that i wantedto show you um those are my trades onbitcoin and b b bitcoin pumping rightnow look at this it’s now the trade isup 278 dollars b b is up 80 um 14bitcoin so bitcoin is looking like it’sbreaking through that resistance rightnow as i’m making this video check it out it’s it’s fighting thisresistance looking like it’s breaking upif you haven’t opened the trade yet iwould actually go along here on bitcoini would actually open along with a verytight stop-loss just below this supporthere so and the take profit i would put allthe way up here this is an amazing placeto take along you can take make uh it’s a seven ratiotrade risking 1 500 opening the trade at43 923 with the tight stop-loss at 42500 so risking 1 500 to make 10 500unleveraged if you do 10x leveragethat’s 105 000 of profits if you do 100xleverage that’s 1 million dollars ofprofits so right now is an amazingamazing place to take along with a verytight stop-loss in my opinion i’mactually going to add to my bitcoin longhere um i’m going to add to this bitcoin longso i’m going to open more so bitcoinusdt i’m going to add another how much is this bitcoin long thisbitcoin long is a two thousand dollartrade i’m going to add anothermake it a three thousand dollarthree thousand dollar trade so it’sthirty thousand dollar bitcoin longadding so i added to that bitcoin longnow this trade is a 30 000 bitcoin long um which is beautiful and i’m going toput a very tight stop-loss hereso i’m going to put my stop-loss at 42533 and my take profit at 54 54 600. so34 42 533 42 533 and my stop loss this is i know thisis very difficult like it can be i’mdoing a lot of like high level herefifty four thousand six hundred andeighty eight take pro so my take profit at fifty four thousand six hundred andeighty eight right fifty four thousandsix hundred and eighty eight and stoploss forty two thousand five hundred andthirty three actually forty one thousand sevenhundred i’ll make the stop loss fortyone thousand seven hundred so i’mrisking one thousand three hundred tomake seven thousand seven hundredconfirm my take profit and stop loss is set onthe trade and my bmb take profit is setat 515 up nearly 50 so 85 on the tradewhich is beautiful if you follow thoselive trades so that was a lot ofinformation everyone thank you forsticking through and understandingeverything again if you want to learneverything you’re seeing me do hit thatsubscribe button join 70 000 people takethe cryptocurrency master course and usethat by bit link down below to sign upand trade the way you just saw me do andwhat i showed you just now it’s it seemsvery complicated it would take years tolearn but with my course and myteachings and if you’re just watchingthese videos you’ll learn it veryquickly thank you for watching this isjames from crypto group and i’ll see youall again tomorrow

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