Trip Insurance Update AND Our Next Cruise!

Trip Insurance Update AND Our Next Cruise!

good morning cruisers it’s september 24th and this is update [Music] well good morning everybody it’s september 24th and i want to give you just a quick update on a couple of stories a couple of
things going on at the first is i think i told you the last time we talked that our uncruised alaska crews had been canceled because they were freeing up some staterooms for coveted protocols and so our trip
got canceled and we had to cancel our our airline tickets with alaska air now i mentioned that i had filed a claim with our insurance company and according to their specifications basically i had to scan in some of the different forms and create create pdfs and then send them an email to their claims department that was over three weeks ago i did get a message back after sending the email immediately got a message back saying they received the information and it could take up to 15 days it’s been well over 25 days and we still have not received any not even a contact back from the insurance company in fact on day 16 i resent all the information again so at this
point in time i cannot recommend this insurance company because they have not even responded to my claim that i sent them right now we’re out about fifteen hundred dollars maybe close to sixteen hundred dollars in airfare i think we only had about a thousand dollars worth of insurance so that was our you know the the amount we were just trying to recover to recover some of our airfare and as it as it stands right now they’re not even replying the insurance company i told you i would tell you the update and what it is i would not recommend


traewick insurance this is the company this was purchased for our uncruise alaska trip i purchased it through one of these aggregator websites that sells policies from a bunch of different insurance companies and treywork which is actually somehow connected i think it’s to nationwide insurance big company but like i say they just didn’t they haven’t performed now we’ve had uh travel insurance in the past and we’ve never had a bad
experience this is the first time that we’ve ever filed a claim on travel insurance and not even had a reply so very unusual for us in the past we’ve always used aig or traveling let’s say a travel guard i believe and we’ve filed two or three claims over the past 10 years and they’ve always come through for us always been a good company to work with i can recommend travelguard so we do have another insurance policy with another company that i’ve never used before bought through this same website and i you might ask well if you had good luck with with travelguard why didn’t you just stay with travelguard well we used to actually have an annual policy with
travelguard where we paid so much a year and it covered us throughout the year but once covid came into play we did some checking and apparently they do not offer the kind of coverages we need for covet 19 just in case a cruise got canceled or or maybe we got quarantined or something like that these other policies do cover that so
travel guards business annual policy doesn’t really provide that so we had to start looking elsewhere for our trip insurance so i have made the company that i purchased this through their website i’ve made them aware of this as well and i have not heard back from them so we’ll just have to see how that works out on other news uh we have been invited to join majestic princess just for a three-day cruise nothing special i mean say nothing special
it’s always special to go on princess cruise but we will be on majestic princess in early october and that’s just about 10 days away so we’ll be flying out of here to la we’re going to spend one night in l.a before we get on the ship and this will be our first time on majestic princess and our first time on princess since gosh maybe 2017 or so i’m not sure maybe 2018 i can’t remember we were on island princess for 11 days on a panama canal cruise it was really nice actually we had a great time so i will be updating you from the ship we will be posting to
instagram facebook so make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel so that you get updates make sure you follow us on facebook and instagram and you’ll see all our updates there as well and of course we’ll be doing some review videos once we’re back from that majestic princess cruise so anyway that’s the update for today thanks for joining us and remember smooth sailing you

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