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Some of the images, videos and graphics presented on our site are not our property and are not copyrighted. However, we always try to give the full where the author is needed.

If you are a regular reader, you may have noticed that some images and videos are taken from other well-known sources. If any of our articles or images are under your copyright and it is a crime to use them, please notify us immediately. We must remove it within 72 hours.

Also, you can let us know if you find any errors in our story. We will make sure that the same mistake does not happen again in the future. We would be very grateful for your kind treatment.

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The User acknowledges and agrees that all trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights in the Content published on the Website will always be owned by Blogger or their respective owners. All staff at www.bloggerr.info are available for non-commercial and personal use only. Any other use of our content on commercial platforms is strictly prohibited.

But if you want to use our content, you can contact us to find out. In that case any material approved, it must be identified with the original source and full credit must be provided. If anyone is found to have violated this policy, the perpetrator must be held accountable under cyber law.


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